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About Kim

Kim Sawyer has been studying and practicing a variety of meditation techniques for over 45 years and has done extensive retreat work on mindfulness, insight and tantric practices. Her primary teacher was Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche, but she has also received teaching from Karma Thinley Rinpoche, His Holiness Karmapa XVI and XVII, Venerable Zasep Rinpoche, His Emminence Ayang Rinpoche, Venerable Khenpo Sonam Rinpoche, Tarchin Hearn, and other international teachers. Kim travelled extensively with Namgyal Rinpoche visiting all the continents on the planet, exploring the wonders of the natural world. She attended many retreats led by him, both in Canada and around the world.

Kim has over 25 years experience teaching meditation and Dharma (the laws of awakening). She taught at various locations in Toronto including:
    the Toronto Dharma Centre from 1997 to 2004,
    the Arcadia Co-operative from 2009 to 2013,
    Advanced Therapeutics
    and at CR8 Wellness from 2014 to 2018.

Kim has offered weekend and week-long retreats at the Dharma Centre of Canada in Kinmount, Ontario.

More recently, Kim fulfilled her life-long aspiration of doing a 3-year, 3-month, 3-day retreat which she completed at the Milarepa Retreat Zentrum, a Drikung Kagyu retreat centre in Germany. This retreat covered the entire path of awakening, culminating in the practices of the Six Yogas of Naropa.

In 2023 Kim will lead two retreats this year at the Dharma Centre of Canada in Kinmount, Ontario:
    a 9-day Introduction to the Subtle Body retreat
    and a weekend retreat contemplating Illusory Form

Kim welcomes the opportunity to teach Buddha Dharma, meditation and energy body practices to anyone with a sincere interest in exploring the path of awakening.

Enlightenment for a wave in the ocean is the moment the wave realizes that it is water.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh