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Weekend Retreat: Introduction to Channels, Bindus and Winds

The Vajrayana has been characterized as the fast path to enlightenment particularly when compared to the Mahayana or Hinayana paths. The reason for this stems from the extraordinary practices that the Vajrayana holds, which develop elements of subtle body known as channels, bindus and winds.

If we were already purified of obscurations and negative karma, we could easily gain the fruition that these Vajrayana techniques promise. However the seeds of karma that are embedded in us slow down or prevent our full realization of the path.

This retreat will use both meditative and physical techniques to root out the seeds of karma and initiate the development of the subtle elements of mind/body.

This course will include:
        Classes that provide theoretical background and instruction
        Yoga and movement sessions
        Group sitting sessions

As this retreat can only serve to initiate these practices, Kim will follow up with ongoing classes with more extensive instruction and guidance over the subsequent months leading to a longer and more in-depth retreat at the Dharma Centre in April 2023. (This retreat and the follow up classes are a prerequisite for the April retreat).


      Register at the Dharma Centre website: The Dharma Centre of Canada,


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