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As a beginner to meditation, Kim has made me very comfortable with something so "new". Very inspiring.
- Lori

Very warm, calming, patient with questions and thorough. Focussed with explanations and answers.
- Donna

Well prepared, good sense of humour, welcoming.
- Abina

Very accessible. Taught at an approprate level for beginners. Very pleasant.
- Anjali

Very open, understanding and patient.
- Michael

A lot of material to cover for first timers. Nicely handled. I liked the chance to talk about our own experiences with the exercises given.
- Dhani

Calming, non-defensive, inclusive. Great laugh - sense of humour is so important. A gift.
- Edward

I enjoyed sessions with Kim. She is a very personable, friendly, knowledgable individual.
- Elizabeth

I have enjoyed working with you over time, Kim, and found this to be one of your best presentations so far, particularly the extensions of the practice into daily life. I think the ease of the people taking the course was really good, the way there was flow back and forth.
- Nomi

Very perceptive and open.
- Edie

Kim seems to be doing what she's teaching. Very comfortable to be with.
- Mariana

Extremely comfortable, friendly, extremely knowledgable.
- Mark

Present, warm, responsive, knowledgeable.
- Craig